Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tattoos are forever

I am not a fan of tattoos however I have had a number of friends and work colleagues who have felt the need or desire to cover their bodies with what they see in their eyes as art.

Tattoos are forever really, I have seen attempts at getting them removed and the process seems to be quite long, expensive and painful begging the question why would you get one in the first place.
Unlike a tattoo however the choices we make with our career or business does not last forever.

In the eyes of the consumer the impact may not last for more than a day.

The benefits of taking a risk in career or business are much higher so what are you waiting for? If you make a mistake it can be fixed, lessons can be learned – I always say the only thing you cant really fix is death.
This is the market to be bold, to take risks, to make the investment, to be different, to grow your market share.

How you ask?
Have a plan, stick to it, show up, get good at the basics, become the area expert, make more calls, do more appointments, build better relationships, improve your skills, practise and most importantly show up with the right intent.

Unlike a tattoo the above can be changed, moulded to suit you at any point in time, it’s not permanent.