Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What is your elevator pitch for 2013?

Here's a challenge to start 2013 off!

Consider the concept of "elevator pitch". You are in a lift travelling from the ground floor to the eighth floor.

One other person is in the lift and so there is no awkward silence they ask you what you do.

You now have about 40 seconds to pitch to them and to make your pitch more engaging and interesting than the music in the elevator.

Unfortunately most of us have a really boring elevator pitch. 

The concept of the elevator pitch is not just about who you talk to in an elevator but people you meet everyday. You have less than a minute in most cases to impress someone, grab their attention or interest.
Your pitch needs to be exciting, honest and brief leaving the listener wanting more.

They want to follow you out of the lift so they can hear more about what you do.

Don’t use the stuff someone has written for you as part of your bio. Most bios are boring, read yours – is it really going to make me want to meet you and get to know who you are and what you do? Make sure your energy, passion, and humour comes across. Also ensure that it is conversational and real.
Take the time and think about your pitch.

What will you say in 40 seconds that will leave me wanting more of you?