Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mr Abbotts post Easter to do list

Alan Jones took Tony Abbott to task on a number of issues recently including ASDA, the potential of a tax on bank deposits and an increase on the GST.

Mr Jones was described as being very direct, passionate and somewhat furious during the interview.

Whilst on my Easter break I read various articles that encouraged me to make my own list of items I would give Tony Abbott feedback on should he appear on my radio show. If I had a radio show of-course...... here they are!

Domestic violence is at crisis point

To date we have had 28 women killed in Australia - another day, another woman dead read a recent headline. Yes the number is unusually high I was recently told, normally it is one woman a week!

The fact that one woman dies a week in Australia is disgraceful, however to have that number double in the first half of the year means that we are at crisis point.

How many more women need to be killed before we see leadership and action at a National level from our Governments.

We have talent at various organisations, CEO's, Directors, who run crisis centres, people who at the coal face of this issue. Why are we not getting them together with our leaders to find a solution?

We have talent within organisations, resources available, but it seems we do not have the will to make it happen.

Sack yourself as Minister for Women

You appointed yourself as Minister for Women; I fail to understand what made you think you were qualified to take on this role.

I suggest you sack yourself from this role Mr Abbott. While you have been the self appointed Minister
  • the pay gap in Australia has increased to over 18%
  • more women are dying from domestic violence
  • there has been a lack of women represented at Government level
  • there has been a lack of leadership on the issue of gender equality
In fact the recently elected Victorian Premier has made a commitment that he will appoint 50% of women to all Government boards and Victorian courts between now and 2018. Now all he needs to do is build the freeway and he will have my ongoing support!

Why however is this push for equality on boards, based on merit, not happening at a national level.

Understand the pay gap has impact on Government budgets

Why have you not called for a summit of leaders, CEO's, directors from industries around the country to discuss the issue of gender equality and how can we become world leaders on this issue? You are after all the Minister for Women. What does that even mean?

We know that the issue of an increasing pay gap has an ongoing impact on the number of women who will be relying on Government hand out's post retirement. So it is very much in your interest to start conversations leading to change.

So Mr Abbott, yes my feedback is short and focused on issues relating to women, but I am a women and I will judge you on these.

Perhaps Michaela Cash should be allowed to take a much greater lead in her role, be given the mandate to push for change, form think tanks to find solutions and encourage businesses to implement agreed reasonable solutions.

I have heard Ms Cash speak, she comes across as passionate, however is perhaps a "lame duck" given who her boss is.