Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Migration Across the Ditch

I have a number of clients in New Zealand and their biggest issue is finding good people. It is not helped by the fact that most Kiwis are coming across to Australia to work.... I was having a facial last week and my therapist and 4 of her friends decided at New Year to come out to Australia to seek better opportunities. They all got jobs within a week of arriving and have no intention of going back....

This migration raises a number of issues in New Zealand and Australia

How is the current brain drain going to impact NZ long term?
Are the Kiwis taking over our jobs and in the current economic climate is this right?
Are there opportunities in NZ that Australians could potentially take up?

Certainly as far as real estate goes now is the time to buy in NZ and the rental return on investments is still great.

Time will tell I guess....


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