Monday, June 15, 2009

The why, what, who and how of winning business!

Whenever we evaluate something we tend to go through 4 common stages; if as sales agents and property managers we can understand what these stages are and how to respond we are more likely to build better relationships with our clients and obtain listings.

The first stage is WHY. Whenever we make the decision to move it is usually because we are upgrading, downsizing, re-financing or considering a lifestyle change. If the why is compelling enough it propels us to make decisions which takes us to the next stage. From an agent’s prospective this is a key qualifying question and will provide an indication whether they are hot, warm or cold prospects.

The second stage is WHAT options are best for me. I can rent my home out but I can also sell it. I can auction it or put it up for private sale. Once I make this decision however the next stage is who will execute it for me. This is where the client does their market research; they may attend auctions, visit your websites, talk to friends, neighbours or rely on their own experiences. How informative is your website, is every open for inspection done to company standards, how do you stand apart from your competitors?

The third stage is WHO, regardless of what I decide who will rent or sell the home is extremely important to me as I need to believe that they can provide me with the best level of service. Remember service is what we want clients to base their decisions on, it is what enables us to stand apart from our competitors, if they see no difference between agents they make the choice on price. So evaluate your service delivery and standards are all interactions with client’s memorable experiences for them.

The fourth stage is HOW, will they work with me to ensure that I get the price I am looking for in the shortest time frame and what will it all cost me. How much feedback do they give me during the process and once they have found a tenant or a prospective buyer how do they ensure that they get commitment and negotiate the best price and terms. How well do they represent me during the course of our relationship? These are some of the questions that the client will need reassurance on.

So the next time you are talking to a client who is looking at renting or selling their home focus on these four stages and you just may have better luck in getting the listing. Build these into your agenda and scripts, prove to your client that you see the process from their point of view and they are not just another appointment and listing for your business.

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