Thursday, April 28, 2011

To engage or not to engage - that is the question.

Ever heard of happy people = happy clients = happy dollars. For those of you who have heard me speak before would have.

But oh how easy it is not to have happy people and the smallest of things will start to disengage them.

It's coming up to that time of the year, reviews are due, salaries are up for discussion, KPIs are reset and promotions are being considered. However truth be known everyone wants to feel important, told they are doing a great job and yes get a bonus or pay rise

If you manage a team consider the following:
1. Have you had regular one on one meetings with them
2. Are you using standard forms
3. Have you booked in a time to catch up to discuss the above before end of June
4. Have you got team member to do self assessment
5. Do they understand your biz plan and how they fit into it
6. Do you need to reassess their kpis

If you haven't you must do so. If you need help I can provide you with easy simple tools to start you off.

Your people give to your biz every day, the least you can do is give back to them. Do not make the mistake of cancelling a performance meeting because you are busy and have too much on your plate but keep a personal appointment like lunch or hair cut or worse drinks at the pub!

If you are an employee and your manager has not made the time to give you feedback in the role, drop me a line, more than happy to help you provide them with feedback.

Remember engagement is the key, this is the responsibility of managers, directors, CEOs...happy people = happy clients = happy dollars.

More on this hearty topic in the next few weeks

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