Thursday, September 20, 2012

Will they miss you when you are gone?

The best way to ensure that people remember you once you are gone is to be memorable when you are with them. Leave behind a legacy.

Now I am not talking about when you are gone... gone... dead that is...

I am talking about how you are interacting with your clients. Those key moments of truth. How are you, the team, the business being memorable?

Or are you so busy focusing on the process that the experience side has just got lost.

How are you creating a reputation for your self or your brand or both in your market place?
How you are different, memorable?
Are you on the mindshelf of your clients and prospects?
Are you are asked back or asked in?
Where do they seek you out or refer you

Where without you on their list to present it just isnt complete.

So go ahead, stand for something, be creative, be memorable, tear your processes apart and recreate them with the client in mind.

You just may suprise yourself with the results.

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