Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coca Cola in HOT MILK !

Yes you did hear right, Coca Cola has ventured into the diary market and has launched their new milk product called Fairlife; which by the way won’t be in Australia anytime soon.

I don’t know about you but the thought of Coca Cola producing milk just doesn’t fit for me, a thought I find quiet scary actually.  

Does that mean that kids will drink more milk simply because it is made by Coca Cola?

However let’s put this unusual concept aside, I was intrigued by the criticism that Coca Cola came under due to their marketing and advertising campaign.

Many have taken to social media and slammed their advertising campaign as sexist and degrading to women.
It was an interesting angle for Coca Cola to take given the global discussions being had about gender equality.

There is no doubt the ads are very clever, memorable, it has got people talking and most importantly the women are not naked. However it doesn’t take much to imagine them naked. Some of the pictures, such as the woman ironing and standing on a scale are unnecessary however on the whole the girls in the ads look stunning, sexy and gorgeous. And all for MILK!
I remember the Got Milk? ad where the women has a glass of milk in her hand and white substance on her lip, that was suggestive and provocative.

Interestingly they also used men with the same concept.
Personally I think they should have had a mix of male and female models, buffed up men with milk tastefully draped around their crown jewels would have been perfect.

For far too long, women have been sexualised in advertising products and if marketing companies are going to go down this path in a tasteful way then use both men and women.
There is no doubt Coca  Cola is an iconic brand, their foray into the milk market will perhaps increase the consumption of milk in the USA where the product is set to launch next month. It will cost you twice as much to buy then regular milk but Coca Cola expects it to become popular.

My question to you is do you see these ads as sexist, are we being too sensitive or have we been desensitised as the reality is that there are a number of ads on the market that are far more sexist than this one.

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