Monday, December 22, 2014

Repeal of carbon tax is PMs key achievement. - really Mr Abbott where would women be without you!!

Really Mr Prime Minister.

Naming the carbon tax as your biggest achievement for women in 2014 because you think we are so focused on the household budget shows how out of touch you are. 

The two issues, carbon tax and achievement for women, are so far apart Mr Abbott that you could sail the Titanic through it. 

Lets look at issues you could have tackled that would have been seen as achievements. 

The gender pay gap in Australia is at its highest at 18.2%. Perhaps working with business leaders - male and female to reduce this would have been seen as an achievement. 

Women retire on less superannuation than their male counterparts. Perhaps focusing on the gender pay gap and paid parental leave would change this. 

Oh and lets look at the issue of paid parental leave. This is now unlikely to pass the senate. To bring women back into the workforce perhaps look at making  childcare more affordable through tax rebates. 

More women today go to university however it takes us longer to pay back hec's fees as we leave to have yes you guessed it - babies. And until men start having babies i cant see this issue resolving itself. 

One woman a week dies in Australia killed by a partner. Domestic violence is on the increase. Sexual assaults are on the increase. Violence against women is the biggest cause of homelessness for women and children. 

We still lag when it comes to women being represented at board level and in government. 

There are only 2 women on the front bench yet 30% of Mr Abbott's government is women. 
Oh wait he has just doubled the number of women on the front bench - from 1 to 2!!

In fact if we are so occupied with budgets why not appoint a female treasurer.

We are 80 years away from gender equality, what an opportunity to lead the change that needs to occur. A male Prime Minister leading the charge on the issue of gender equality, setting the agenda, leading the discussions, influencing male CEO's and Directors and walking the talk!

As a women, I am focused on the issues above as well as my household budget, however my household budget does not define me, gender equality does.
At this rate Mr Abbott you will lose the female vote and only have one term in Government. 
Just as an FYI  I am yet to see any cost reduction in my bills.

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